New Drama: Mr Big’s Lawyer 豪爱律师

Drama Title:
Mr Big’s Lawyer 《豪爱律师》

Drama Theme:
Law, Romance

Number of Episodes:
20 episodes

What will happen when the richest man in Singapore decides to woo a new graduated lawyer? See what kind of stunts the richest man decides to take, just to woo the lawyer?

Leading Casts:
Chen Hanwei, Joanne Peh, Desmond Tan, Michelle Chia

Chen Hanwei (韩铭国 Mingguo)
– arrogant, childish but emotional inside

Joanne Peh (赵秀珍 Xiuzhen)
– pretty, kind. Been through an deep emotional trauma when her boyfriend, Weiming went missing for 4 years.

Desmond Tan (潘伟明 Weiming)
– confident, upright lawyer. Went to Korea for operation due to lung cancer. Decided to keep this a secret from Xiuzhen.

Michelle Chia (林安娜 Anna)
– depressive after the divorce between her and Mingguo. forced to make a smile in front of the camera.

Supporting Casts: Rebacca Lim, Zhang Zhenhuan, Henry Thia

Rebacca Lim (康佳敏 Jiamin)
Zhang Zhenhuan (李翱 Li Ao)
Henry Thia (赵叔 Zhao-Shu)

Mingguo is the current elected CEO of the biggest cooperation company in Singapore, having as much money as he could use for the rest of his life, Mingguo is often being left alone and doesn’t have much friends to speak too, due to the fact that he is being viewed as a show-off, stubborn and thinks that the whole world evolves around him.

Anna, ex-wife of Mingguo, is an actress, who is often addressed by the “Most Popular Actress” of Singapore by the media. The duo got married 10 years ago and their relationship starts to turn sour after Anna decides to forsake her love over to her career. Anna then suggested to get a divorce, even when she is very sure that she actually still loves Mingguo, so that she can concentrate alot more on her career.

Xiuzhen is posted to Mingguo’s company to assist him in the law and order issues after graduation. Being a newcomer, Xiuzhen is well-liked by her colleges except for Jiamin, the personal assistant of Mingguo. Thinking that she might lose her job to Xiuzhen, Jiamin starts to ill-talk on her superior in front of Xiuzhen, causing her to hate her boss to core. The both of them then starts to argue over the smallest matters and the argument is often stopped by Mingguo’s sentence: “I’M YOUR BOSS!’. The duo sets into a very complicated relationship due to this interaction and soon realized that they have fallen for each other.

Just when the relationship of the duo starts to blossom, Weiming, boyfriend of Xiuzhen returned from Korea.

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2 Responses to New Drama: Mr Big’s Lawyer 豪爱律师

  1. Tommy says:

    This is such the typical ripoff…why can’t yall chinese do anyting original…this is originally a Korean drama…if you don’t believe it take a look at imdb and see the original cast and screenplay….Korean drama’s should make copyrights.

  2. Mr Green says:

    Thanks for pointing out the error in it. We will further investigate this matters with the writer/producer of this series. We are sorry about it.

    On the other hand, please continue support Dramas Creation series, as most of them are written with new concepts, ideas and make by the effort of the writer. Do continue to point out any mistakes if you have spotted any.

    Thanks & enjoy your day ahead!

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